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20 & 30 Gallon Fish Tanks for SALE - CHEAP!! [06 Jul 2008|02:09pm]
The moment we as fish keeping enthusiast all dread is upon me... moving.... so in light of that, I have to get rid of some of my fish room...

Pictures or in-person viewings available upon request!!

I am located in South Florida.. (Broward County - Pompano Beach to be exact)


#1) 20 Gallon (Tall) Tank
Whats Included:
All Black Stand with storage space inside
Fluorescent 6,700K Light

I used this tank to house smaller fish and provide sanctuary/grow-out space. I have also CAREFULLY spray-painted the back of the tank BLACK. This provides a really nice clean look and really keeps the fish calmer, I recommend this procedure to anyone who is serious about fish-keeping and knows how big a pain it is to deal with taping plastic backgrounds to their tanks in the past. Less than a year of use on this tank.


[asking $100]

#2) 20 Gallon (Long) Tank
Whats Included:
No stand but this tank can easily fit onto a dresser, desk, entertainment center, etc.
Fluorescent 6,700K Light

Tank belonged to my little brother who dabbled with an interest in fish keeping briefly. This turned into me maintaining his tank, and now he no longer wants it. Was used (gently) to house a pair of Convicts. Less than a year of use on this tank.


[asking $75]

#3) 30 Gallon Tank
Whats Included:
Wooden Stand with cabinet for storage space
Coralife 96-Watt Fluorescent Light

This tank was used to house angelfish in my living room. I have a massive filter which is rated for a tank twice its size included with this, and also a nice Coralife light which really enhances the fishes colors, as well as provides enough light for some aquatic plants. Im asking a little more for this tank then the others, but keep in mind the light and stand included are worth more than my asking price.


[asking $200]

#4) 30 Gallon Tank
Whats Included:
No stand but this tank sits nicely in an entertainment center, or can be used for reptiles with the included light.
Glass Canopy
Coralife 96-Watt Fluorescent Light

This tank was used for breeding guppies and snails, and growing aquatic plants, as well as providing sanctuary for other smaller, community fish that no longer had places in my other tanks as their tank-mates grew. I have also spray-painted the back of the tank BLACK for added comfort to the fish and a nicer look. I have two options for those interested in purchasing this item..


[asking for $60 without light, $125 with light]

Pricing is negotiable.... but be realistic, I am already offering these very low in order to move them faster. All of these tanks are currently STILL SET-UP with inhabitants in them for any interested in seeing them, or even possibly adopting some livestock at NO EXTRA COST. I will also help you move and transport/re-assemble the tank in your home or wherever desired.

Those interested can contact me on my personal cell phone
(c) 954-610-2428
or feel free to email me
(e) djtrippinbooking@gmail.com

Thank you,
Must Not Sleep

This coming Monday, Feb 4th...... [01 Feb 2008|12:38am]
THIS COMING MONDAY (February 4th)...

Implosive Disgorgence
with support from..
All My Friends Are Dying (x-Soothsayer)

"Formed originally in late 2002 in Pompano Beach, Implosive Disgorgence have been playing shows around the South Florida area for several years now. A few line-up changes, EPs, and years later, the group is one of the most prominent forces in heavy music to be recokend with in the state. Just recently signing a deal in 2007 with Siege Of Amida Records (with distribution in the US through Ferret Records) they are now hard at work on a full length LP to be released this summer. You may have seen them recently this winter on their tours with The Acacia Strain, Despised Icon, Full Blown Chaos, & The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, or on their full east-coast tour with The Partisan Turbine & Revenance. With a powerful live show and equally tight live sound, they are the next big thing to watch in 2008."

All collectors of hardcore, metal, punk, etc. vinyl come and show your stuff! Tables will be set up for anyone who wants to come show off, sell, trade, and buy vinyl. ALSO in addition to showing off your vinyl, PLAY US YOUR VINYL!! A full 2 turntable setup will be on hand for ANYONE who wants to play their records!

Movie Screenings!
This week we will be screening HELLFEST 2000.

all of this and more at....

Malfunction Mondays! South Florida's ONLY weekly outlet for Hardcore, Metal, Punk, etc.

located @ O'Malley's
1388 N SR 7 Margate, FL 33063
9PM, 18+ $5, 21+ FREE

Local Distros!
Looking for a place to sell your goods? We got you. Free tables available to anyone who wants to sell anything band related, CD's, Demos, Shirts, Pins, Patches, whatever.

Free Nintendo & Atari Arcade!
Come show your 2-button gamepad skills on our FREE video gaming system! Over 1,000 games to choose from. No game is more metal than Duckhunt. Come prove your skills.

Resident DJ's every week include..

Booking Available
Bands looking for a place to play need look no further. We accept bands both local and touring to let their music be heard on a weekly basis. New bands every week. Interested parties please contact malfunctionmonday@gmail.com

Must Not Sleep

Local Bands Hardcore/Metal/Punk... Need shows??? [20 Jan 2008|01:00pm]
Local bands (and abroad talent as well) looking for shows who play styles of music such as: Hardcore. Metal, Punk, Grind, Metalcore, Heavy Rock, etc.. please contact me. We are throwing south Florida's ONLY weekly party (EVERY MONDAY) with new bands, djs, movie screenings, distro's, vinyl collectors meets, etc. etc. EVERY WEEK

Once again, if your band is interested in playing, please contact me via livejournal, or at the following...

Here is info for tomorrow night's activities.

TOMORROW NIGHT, Malfunction Monday's presents...
January 21st, 2008
with special guests
Fear The Bomb

other activities include...
Showing of Converge's "The Long Road Home" on our giant projector screen!
dj trippin playing metal, hardcore, and everything else heavy before, between, and after the bands!!
old school atari/nintendo machines hooked up to our 22 TV's, FREE to play. Yes, Duck Hunt is available.

all located @ O'Malley's Sports Bar
1388 N SR 7
Margate, FL 33063
9PM, 18+
and the best part is its FREE!! support your local acts!

for more information about MALFUNCTION MONDAYS, South Floridas ONLY weekly party supporting metal/hardcore/punk acts, please visit...http://www.myspace.com/malfunctionmonday
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stoners... [04 Jan 2008|05:53pm]
are losers.

pass it on.
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Year In Review.. [2007] [02 Jan 2008|01:35am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Another year has came to a close, and as my ritual, I am trying to recap it to the best of my knowledge.

I must say, this certainly proved to be very awakening year of my life. As always, I've realized many new things about myself that I sort of knew deep down. I had this entire year of being completely single and cut off from females to really focus on myself and what I want to do with life. I know it may seem immature, but whenever I am involved with a girl, I lose track of the things that are most important to me in life. Not to say that relationships aren't, but at my age, and knowing how most others in my age bracket are, the sad reality is that relationships ARE NOT top of priorities with many. I always feared that a year like that would set me into a deep depression, and although I've had my lower moments this year, I must say that overall, I am probably the happiest alone that I've been in the last 5 years, and that is a big accomplishment.

Because of my new found sense of focus, for the first time for an entire year, and hopefully many more to follow, I made my living solely off my music and DJing. It is a great feeling to be doing what I want to do with my life and making enough money to eat at the same time. I finally bought my new car in the begining of the year with the money I've been saving for so many years prior, and although I do miss the old beat up rides, I am happy to have something new and reliable under my belt. I also plan on being a college graduate with a Bachelors degree by this summer. It is finally over, and "real life" is soon to start. I am saving up for a condo and plan on being in my own place before the years end...

I also started working for Scratch DJ Academy in January and It really opened lots of doors for me. No company ever cares about DJs and what we do like Scratch does, and I feel really greatful to be associated with them. I made lots of new aquaitances, friends, and DJs from all around the world. I got the opportunity to travel out of the country to exotic islands to DJ, in front of new crowds in America as well, and I got to meet the man who got me started as a DJ. I really could not ask for anything more from 2007 in this aspect. 2008 puts a lot of presure on me to further benefit myself and make my carear a more sucessful one that it has already been. Major League will be shooting our first music video soon and getting ready to drop our first national release hopefully sometime soon.. I will be working on my first offical album release, as well as mixtapes, club promos, etc, etc... all in all, things must only remain busy if I hope for things to continue in a positive fashion.

Everyone makes mistakes however, and I am at fault of this as well. I have had my lapses in judgement this year, more so recently, but it only helps me realize that I can't have weak moments anymore. I am growing up and can only hope to strive for perfection in the coming year, even if that goal is not obtainable, I can try to come close. Above all, I know that I am the only thing that matters to me as of current in life, and no one can come in the way of that.

I dont want to end things on a sour note. This year really has been great over all, and I can only hope 2008 proves to be as good. Here are pictures all throughout this year of my favorite moments, in chronological order of course....... happy new year.

theres nothing that needs to be said about this picture

the new car


jam master jay tribute show

look at all these emu's...

ryans last night on the town

rest in peace to the old ride..

mc freestyle challenge - roxannes

playboy pool party


i lost this record somewhere!

"FUCK MIAMI! .. no wait, what i meant was, Broward has it going on"

WMC DMC 2007 Battle

The masterminds behind THE BREAKS, and 2 other dudes.


awkward hugs

put my cat down!




Implosive Disgorgence


Soul's of Mischief tour

Scratch DJ Academy


Implosive @ Roxanne's

My Bitter End @ Roxanne's

kick that bitch!!




Jasper, mang!

4th of July

22nd BDay

chopped the hair off..


Grand caymens

Royal Caribbean cruise..

Ryans 21st BDay

KRS-One show, Studio A

Deadbeats Writers Lab CD Release... too hot for clothes.

Protoman & me live..

On stage with the Deadbeats..

the collection slowly grows

Brokensound CD Release party / Cut session



DJ Immortal & Me..

Scratching with Q-Bert

DJ N8 One..


Bringin in the New Year...



Album Of The Year: Harlots - Betrayer

Favorite Show: My Bitter End/Implosive Disgorgence @ Roxanne's

Favorite Club: Roxanne's

Most frequented foodspot: Subway

Most frequent purchase: Metal Records

Most money spent at a store: eBay

Biggest Purchase: Rane TTM-57SL

Favorite Moment: Realizing I can do what I want with my life for a living

Greatest new interest: Self Improvement

5 Records to check out from 2007:
Car Bomb - Centralia
The Deadbeats Writers Lab - Deadfinition
Nights Like These - Sunlight At Second Hand
Protoman - Grey Area
The End - Elementary
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This Thursday [22 May 2007|11:21pm]
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Good Times [23 Feb 2007|02:52pm]
Things have been going pretty well lately, minus school stress. I feel so disconnected from the semester so far this year. This is probably due to the fact that I accidentaly backed myself into a corner where I am working 40hrs a week DJ'ing and still trying to attend 4 classes (in 2 days).. needless to say its starting to prove harder than expected. I haven't even attended my first class in the last two weeks or handed in the first two assignments we are being graded on... this is one of those 'you must be retarded to screw up a grading scale so easy' type deals... and I'm screwing it up. Meh.

Working so much, although tiring, is a blessing. I am so lucky to be around the people I'm around and at the young age I am. I wish more than anything that schooling was just finished for me so I could start devoting my full attention to DJ'ing, hit the road, tour, just do whatever came my way without having to think about school.

I booked my first metal/hardcore show in almost 3 years tonight as well, and I couldn't have been happier with the reaction and turnout. It was very nostalgic for me. When the last show I threw bombed due to the hurricane at the time and shitty/distant venue, I was pretty bummed on ever getting involved in that way with the metal music scene again, but tonight totally reinstilled in me why I was doing it in the first place. Helping my friends and giving bands like this that most people don't "get" a place to outlet and reach new people is just rewarding. I don't know why. It's just loud, extreme, and obnoxious (to most) music, but I love helping it. I guess its a way for me to vent frustrations and anger that hip hop just doesn't get out of me.

Meeting new people all the time has been great as well, and I think I've met some really great ones as of recent. If the rest of this year goes as well as the last half of 2006, I think I'll have quite a story to write about for my 2007 year in review.

Here's to wishing me luck.
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Uncontrolable anger. [10 Jan 2007|03:03am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

It sucks how the things that are in the least of my power or control are always the things that make me most angry, but I supose thats how it works. I have all this anger built up at certain individuals and then it backlashes into their social group and culture all together and thats not necasary, but it seems to be the only way to vent it out of my system without just spitting in the persons face the next chance I get... which I usually don't, I usually try to make peace and act civil, and I wonder now in retrospect, why?

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The Year In Review [2006] [02 Jan 2007|05:51am]
[ mood | pensive ]

2006 is over, and it certainly was an interesting year. I'd never thought my life could change as drastically as it did in only the span of 12 months until now. I had the oportunity to travel to different states and countries I've never been to before in my life, meet and work with people I never imagined talking to, and put my love of music and DJ'ing into a carear that pays the bills, not to mention funds the 300+ gallons of fish tanks I've been maintaining.

I've made new friends and lost old ones. Also seen some people leave my friends and this world for stupid reasons, but such is their life and their choice. I've definately learned who is who among my friends and how to handle those who call themselves one thing and act another way. I've come to accept them for who they are despite our differences, and I've realized there are always going to be people like that in your life, no matter what you do.

I've also learned that I accomplish the most things that truly better myself as a business-person and musician being single. I get lonely just like everyone else, but at the end of the night when that loneliness sometimes kicks in, I am reminded of that fact that when I was in a relationship, I focused most of my attention on that and did nothing towards my other loves in life, and that in the short periods of time I've been single over the past years, this one espcially, I've accomplished more than ever thought possible, and I know that this trend is only going to increase in this new year.

Theres been plenty of make-up's to break-up's this year that I've had the chance to sit back and analyze, and it only makes me realize that at this age, nothing is for certain. I feel for those who have parted from ones they "loved" and etc, but I can only offer them the comfort that better things must be on the horizon.

I mended a lot of fences with past relationships as well. In some cases for the better, and in other cases it felt/feels more like rubbing salt in the wound. I at least take pride and comfort in being a mature enough person to reconcile differences, wether or not I agree with the circumstances. Life is too short to stay angry, foolish, selfish, concieted, and spiteful, however easy those things may be. I only wish others would see that. Some have, I fear others never will.

I wish I had more to write about a year that was truly both the best of the best and the worst of the worst. Most things that I went through were both long overdue and deserved, both bad and good, and I'm thankful to be alive to expierience them. If one thing this year has taught me, is that life is the greatest gift. Just being alive to expierience 2006 is good enough for me, and I hope for the same in 2007.

Enjoy some of my memories from 2006 in chronological order. I hope to have as eventful of a year this one as I had last.


yearinreview (1).jpg

yearinreview (2).jpg

yearinreview (3).jpg

yearinreview (4).jpg

yearinreview (5).jpg

yearinreview (6).jpg

yearinreview (7).jpg

yearinreview (8).jpg

yearinreview (9).jpg

yearinreview (10).jpg

yearinreview (11).jpg

yearinreview (12).jpg

yearinreview (13).jpg

yearinreview (14).jpg

yearinreview (15).jpg

yearinreview (16).jpg

yearinreview (17).jpg

yearinreview (18).jpg

yearinreview (19).jpg

yearinreview (20).jpg

yearinreview (21).jpg

yearinreview (22).jpg

yearinreview (23).jpg

yearinreview (24).jpg

yearinreview (25).jpg

yearinreview (26).JPG

yearinreview (27).jpg

Album Of The Year: Misery Signals - Mirrors
Favorite Show [in state]: Poison The Well [culture room april]
Favorite Show [out of state]: 7 Angels 7 Plauges
Favorite Club: Rose N Crown [for the fact it gave me my start]
Most frequented foodspot: Subway/Friday's
Most frequent purchase:: Ecko Hats
Most money spent at a store: Big Al's
Biggest Purchase: Scion xB 2006
Favorite Moment: Karma Lounge DJ Battle
Greatest new interest: Fish Keeping/Advanced DJ'ing
Greatest regret: Not always saying what I mean, and sometimes, saying too much

Must Not Sleep

Picture Of The Month Winners [2006] [01 Jan 2007|03:27pm]

January @ The Rose 'N Crown ["Static" Fridays]

Dave and I argue over who eats the invisible food first.</b>

February @ The Wake

Greg & Griff have a chain-smoking competition.

March @ My Guest Bedroom Hallway

According to Evan, he did it for his Mom.

April @ My House

Clearly we can see Eric's entire bank account spread out on my matress.

May @ Cyrus & Robbie's house party

Angry mexican dude blows fire a few too many times that night. MUY SOL!!

June @ Denny's

Pancakeman! Powers include the ability to drink syrup like water.

July @ The Pool Party

Adam makes his official transformation into Gadam. Made in USA.

August @ KC's [Fredricksburg, VA - 7 Angels 7 Plauges ]


September @ Roxanne's

It isn't ladies night till the 2 nastiest ho's at the bar make out on top of it.

October @ Roxanne's Parking Lot

It isn't ladies night til the cook bangs the nastiest ho in a van.

November @ Roxanne's (Tri-fector!)

Clay & Kazz doing what they do best, being creepy & photographing bad.

December @ Allstars

Shakin it like a polaroid and holding it down for the new year.
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xmas ideas? [03 Dec 2006|03:32am]
I need gift ideas. Post your best websites, products, etc. please!

heres one from me - www.woot.com new item every 24hrs.
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The Breaks with Charlie Chase!! [19 Oct 2006|12:43pm]
A pretty amazing night with 3 of the sickest DJ's around, Charlie Chase (from Cold Crush Brothers), DJ Immortal, and 19yr old DMC Champ DJ I-DEE!!

PicsCollapse )
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What have I been up to lately? [05 Sep 2006|11:30am]
[ mood | bored ]

DJ'ing (remixing, scratching, and blending) everyday in my vigorous much over-due training mode. Meeting new DJ's and people all the time and getting back into the turntablism loop. I WAS auditioning with a new band but it seems I've been blown off because they "didnt want to alienate their 'fans' with scratching"... right. Working on the NEW band with Adam as well which is what I was really excited for anyways. Trying to win a EFX-500 on ebay... and just bumming out and staying in more, spending less money, etc. etc..... oh yea and school which feels like I haven't even really been back since I just post shit or write stuff (like right now for example) instead of paying attention (also like right now for example)

Anyways since I havent ever posted this info in my LJ, I figgured what the hell, come party with me on a wednesday!

Awwww shit. Once again we bring you *THE BREAKS*! Come help us make this week the best week ever! Doors at 10pm and MC Preformances starting at 11pm to Midnight with your host's MC Smith and Mikey Mo! Don't forget to get on the mic if you think you got skills (or too much alcohol in you) because its open to the public!

FREE ADMISSION!! Thats right, no cover charge!
Doors @ 10pm till 2 or 3am..
Drink Specials: 2-4-1 HEINEKEN!

OPEN MIC!! Expect some guest MC's, freestyles, preformances, battles, etc! If you think you got what it takes, step up and get on the mic, all are welcome and no one is excluded, or just....E-Mail Us Here for Advanced Booking!

Stay late into the night and hang with us because DJ TRiPPiN will be playing Hip Hop ranging from over the last 25 years!! Come get an "edjucation" or crash course in old favorites and new soon-to-be's. Also keep your ears open for assorted mixes of other tunes you might not expect blended into a hip hop night and oddball remixes sure to keep everyone happy! Keep and open mind and come out!

The Breaks is every wednesday @ Roxannes
Hosted by Isaac Alexander & Robby Riggs aka DJ TRiPPiN
Add the dj!! -- djtrippin.jpg

Just click "reply to poster" and copy paste into a new bulletin!

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Independence Day [01 Sep 2006|08:55pm]
Things eventually come full circle. You start out content, then become either extremely happy or miserable, and finally come back around to being content again. It took a while but I'm finally enjoying independence again and looking forward to see what the rest of the year brings me. New people, new friends, new expieriences, all things new which keep life exciting and interesting to help avoid the boring void that it sometimes comes to be. It's almost scary how much like clock work 2006 is turning out just how 2005 did, same time frame's for the same exact feelings almost TO THE EXACT DAY's... it almost makes me think I already know what is going to happen next, but I won't open my mouth because I'm curious to see... that also brings up another interesting point that had I not made this relation of this year to the last, would these situations really have happened or are they just similar instances that I'm linking to be more alike than they really are due to past memories...

Anyway's I'm going way over everyone's heads right now. In other news, 'The Breaks's is going really well and bringing in a gang of new people every week. I got contacted by New Times for an interview about it and what I do there so thats exciting as well, and I'm going to be purchasing an FX unit for my rig soon [to be used primarily for live shows with bands] and have already been experimenting with pre-FX's with Adobe Audition at home, it's a whole new world of weird noises, couldn't be happier with that.....

Also almost ready to get the 125 gallon filled up FINALLY. Sure is taking a while, but when it's all said it done it will own everyones soul. I guess thats all for now, Im sitting in class, and should probably be writing notes... not blogs.
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Pics with celebrities.. [16 Aug 2006|08:47pm]
I've stumbled across quite a few different friends pages (mine included) which has pictures of them "hangin out" with random celebrities, and I got kind of curious; Do you think celebrities have pictures of themselves chillin with random strangers on their websites? I mean, it would be somewhat ironic, but how appropriate..
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7A7P [07 Aug 2006|05:26am]
Adam said it best, "If I never go to another show again, it won't matter, because nothing will ever be better than this was." and that my friends is the truth.

hanging out with one of my favorite band members ever after the show

"with plastic face designs covered over a hell infested you.
your fingerprints marked in blood.
helpless to save you.
useless to purify a lingering sin.
in rubber rooms that float.
every bounding speck a memoir.
your devoted laughter silence.
no one listens.
a world full of ears become deaf.
they scratch at the scars but blood still drips from their eyes.
with plastic face design.
we become fools to your lies.
hopeless to save.
useless to name.
your every desire to die."
Must Not Sleep

two things that piss me off.... [30 Jul 2006|07:03am]
[ mood | awake ]

1.) I notice a most of the time when people talk about the music they like, they always have to say something along the lines of...:

"I listen to anything really.. rap, indie, r&b, and I even like some rock, but not the the 'kill yourself slit ur wrist' stuff, that scares me~! lolz"

That's pretty much the most ignorant statement I hear reguarding what I can only guess these people are refering to hardcore, metal,. etc. as. Just becasue you can't understand the vocals to a song doesn't automatically mean the guy is screaming/singing/whatever you want to call it about chopping off heads, drinking blood, and worshiping satan. Chances are NO band these people refer to in this negative fassion (unless your listening to Deicide..which is a different story entirely) are even talking about anything remotely close to killing yourself or any of that garbage.

Not to defend the whole lot of 'core' and metal bands because a lot of them are just cheesey and unoriginal, but theres a great number of hardcore and metal bands out there who have real emotion and passion to their songwriting and yes, lyrical content, dealing with issues that have molded them into the person or people they are today, lessons learned, love lost, world issues, natural disasters, etc.... No, not whiny-my-girlfriend-left-me or my-parents-hate-me lyrics which is in all reality what is popular for radio play.

People sit back and bash on metal and hardcore as "kill yourself music" because "they scream and i cant understand it" and it sounds "evil" to them, yet 9 out of 10 of those same individuals probably thought 'Papa Roach' was a good band when "Last Resort" came out and sing along to it.. because hey, If lyrics are automatically distinguishable within the first listening of a song, its gotta be good right?! I wont even get into why its ironic they like a song like that by the way.

Point is, people shouldn't be so quick to judge. The more extreme forms of metal and rock are definately not for everyone, I definately hated the shit when I first heard it to be honest, but I gave it more than a passing chance and eventually grew to understand it and like it.

2.) Why is it that when anyone hears about someone getting a tattoo, they immediately ask you..

A) Where your going...... and then.... B) Tell you to go to artists so-and-so like they have some secret underground tattoo hook up for the BEST TATTOO IN THE WORLD.

Hopefully if your considering scaring your body for the rest of your life with a tattoo, you can think for yourself enough to pick out the right artist, and aren't just going to walk aimilessly into any and every shop suggested to you. Im not trying to say I don't appriciate the concerns and advice of others about this, but I'm not THAT clueless, don't worry.

.... in other news, its 7am, and this marks the one week aniversary of my new relationship, which is staying up will the sun rises. It's a love/hate relationship I will admit, I think the only way to kick it would be to stay up all day today till dark tonight... who knows what will happen, abusive relationships are the hardest to break free from ;)

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top letter bands/artists? [26 Jul 2006|05:32am]

7 Angels 7 Plauges
Between The Buried And Me
Dillinger Escape Plan
From A Second Story Window
Glass Casket
Into The Moat
Jakki Da Motamouth
Lightning Bolt
Misery Signals
Poison The Well
Rage Against The Machine
Sky Came Falling
Team Sleep
Vast Aire
What Wishes Can't Mend
Yak B@llz
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What's a belief without a doubt? [25 Jul 2006|04:58am]
If you have a belief you hold very strong to your heart, have you ever questioned it? If not, how can you even begin to think that you believe in it as strongly as you say you do? Every good belief needs to be challenged from time to time, that is what keeps you believing, and if you come across counter-points, that is what makes you figure out why you think the way you do about something, and will reinforce it in you. Questiong your beliefs is never a bad thing, its a part of life, its inevitable, you need to see your issue from opposite points of view, and then you will truly know what side you want to be on.
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Ever felt like... [22 Jul 2006|05:26am]
That your at the start of the first day of the rest of your life? All yesterday, I had that feeling, and I can't put my finger on it as to exactlly why I felt that way, and continue to feel that way, but be certain I won't rest easy until I figure that out.
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